“Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” That’s the famous quote that have become my “words to live by” as a marketing consultant who focuses on sales.

I’ve been as sales “leader” since age 8 when I sold the most raffle tickets in the entire school of kids from 1st through 8th grade. I distinctly remember the experience and mental preparation that I was undergoing on a daily basis.

a and p grocery storeFirst, I was going straight to the A & P grocery store in my school uniform immediately at the end of the long school day. I would be faced by hundreds of housewives and mothers stopping by the only full service market within 25 miles without entering Baltimore City. My Mom would prepare me with a simple script that she rehearsed with me in the car as we drove the 3 miles to the A & P.

Mom would say, “Remember to smile, hold out the ticket and say,’would you like to take a chance to win a basket of cheer or a 50/50 raffle?’ It’s only a dollar.” The additional script, if I needed more persuasion was the addition of: “I go to St Augustine’s in Elkridge and we’re having a big Spaghetti Dinner and Christmas Bazaar.”

Sometimes the busy Mommy’s would say yes, sometimes they would say, catch me on the way out or the worst…I already bought one from the kid my neighborhood. Ugh.

No matter what, when the people left the store, I had a reply: good luck with your ticket! Or “here’s the pen to fill out your ticket” Looking back, I was following the same protocols I recommend to this day.

I eventually won the sales contest and I also so the winning ticket! I was born for sales and marketing.

But when I think about this story, I remember that each part of this process applies today and that the same lessons apply. If you just get exposures and no conversions, you won’t make any sales and you won’t win the prize!

It also teaches the best way to language your offer and shows that persistence converts into sales, too.

I’m no longer selling raffles tickets for my elementary school, but I am marketing businesses for many local Maryland business owners in Howard County (Columbia, Ellicott City, and Elkridge), Anne Arundel County and Baltimore County (Catonsville, Woodlawn, and Baltimore City) and DMV area businesses, too.

If you want to excel in your marketing conversion from your exposures follow a few simple rules. First, think about the information you want to share with your clients and what the clean message is that you want to share. Control is key!

Second, plan the route you want to take to convert your clients. I always start with proximity marketing Asirvia GO beacons (check them out at Asirvia.com/Juliaflynnwerre) and focus on the tiny message that will appear on prospects’s smart phones. I know that the message will hit the phones of the prospects within about 1/4 mile of the clients so I’m inviting them for a visit.

Next, use that proximity marketing tool to guide your audience to a lead capture page, I use jwerre.onlinesalespro.com/demo to illustrate how simple to create a landing page that is congruent with my message and then push the prospect to my final destination.

Finally, the landing zone! Get the well-informed and well-exposed prospect to convert on the website where you want them to go. That’s my favorite part! I know that the client has now seen my product/service at least 3 times and create an ongoing drip campaign to encourage continued and persistent communication.

For my drip campaigns I have used mailchimp and have been very happy with the reports and feedback.

To accelerate your conversions, follow this quick and easy steps to success. Remember, proximity marketing is your best friend for converting clients who are nearby and will usually enjoy the buy local messaging.

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