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HELP Business Owners TODAY = GROW Current BUSINESS +1 (410) 978-8555

It’s UNCANNY! Noone has seen these! Customers will be instantly intrigued! The GO from Asirvia is a beacon, fits in the palm of your hand, and is easily set up in their website dashboard just by typing in the message and link they want the GO from Asirvia to promote. Introducing the GO from Asirvia: This is the Product You’ll Be Selling! Before we speak, please familiarize yourself with the GO from Asirvia by texting the word ‘LetsGO’ to 26786 and Call if you want to get started right away: Julia 410-978-8555 (Eastern Time Zone)

It’s CRAZY! Businesses buy dozens of them at a time. They leave them in stadiums, high traffic department stores, conventions, in their pocket or purse. The GO from Asirvia Automatically Promotes Businesses and Attracts NEW Customers by Sending Notifications to Every Android Phone with a 40 Character Message and Link within a 100 yards wherever the GO is!

  • And You CAN Use Emojis!
  • Unlimited Messages
  • Unlimited Stored Messages
  • Two (2) Services to Choose From
  • Month-to-Month Services
  • Inexpensive Replacements

Some of SIMPLEST Categories to Sell the GO’s Include: Real Estate Agents/Rental Communities
Your SCRIPT: “If I could show you how to get massive exposure for your business by putting this small plastic device in your business, or walking around with it in your pocket… would you want more details?”

This is a mobile marketing billboard for your business and you are advertising right where people stare all day long: their phones! Type the word ‘LetsGO’ to 26786 for more info!

+1 (410) 978-8555

OPEN HOUSE 345 Daisy Ave May 20th ←33 Characters
Quickly Sell Your Home for TOP Dollar ← 37 Characters
Apt Rentals from $900/month View Today ← 38 Characters
Today Move-in Ready: 77 Smith St $199k ← 38 Characters

Car/Truck Dealerships: Your pitch: Start monetizing the Drive-by-Traffic with “Call to Action” messages and get your notifications sent everywhere your sales agents are and you keep your inventory.

NOW Test Drive 2018 Ford F-150 $399/mth ← 39 Characters
2018 Camry $199 down Sign/Drive Today ← 39 Characters
$329/mth for BMW 428i – NOTHING DOWN← 36 Characters

Moving? Your Neighbors Are Our Clients! ← 39 Characters
Discount Storm Windows for Next Time! ← 37 Characters
Solar Savings Get Local Estimate ← 37 Characters
Don’t Wait Get Local Hurricane Shutters! ← 40 Characters
Get Dependable Lawn Service Today! ← 34 Characters
Looking for a Local Contractor? ← 31 Characters

Home Service/Improvement Companies:
Your pitch: Do you have your company logo on your vehicle? Are you already in their driveway?
Now drive that message to people within a 100-yard radius of you!
With the GO in your hand its promoting your company with a message a football field away in all directions!

Vape Shops: “Vape Juice Specials Today STOP BY NOW!” OR “name of your vape shop with a kick ass message directing them to your shop with your link directing them to your app/site/landing page.

Salons/Barbers: “Your Salon Name – Monday Special 50% OFF” with link to products/services, address, etc. that can capture your client’s info, schedule an appointment, direct contact info, specials, etc.

Bars/Restaurants: “2-4-1 DRINKS/APPS 7-10PM” OR “The Rock Band Tonight 9PM Drink Specials” then change the messages to something else as the day passes.


This can be a get out there and present the product type business and or you can promote the business online, and to businesses that will use it “the GO” to sell their own product or service. We will explain this when we speak. We will teach you the entire selling process down to the questions your prospects will ask and the answers to them.

You’re earning Upfront Commissions and Residual Income. When the customer signs up for the GO service (just like they do their cable/internet bill) you get paid, and then every time your customer pays their monthly bill for the GO’s Services, you get a Monthly Override, AND THERE’S ZERO COMPETITION. NONE.

Single Presentation Close – 15-Minute Sales Cycle! Once you see the 3-1/2-minute video on how it works (the same video you’re going to show your prospects) you’ll understand why it’s such a game changer and why your prospects are going to say
“no KIDDING, let’s do it!” with no consideration, but a few questions on how it works. Text the word ‘LetsGO’ to 26786 for more info

BELIEVE IT: 3 GO’s are $69/month, 5 GO’s are $99/month, 8 GO’s are ONLY $129/month plus a lot more. For a small business owner this is PEANUTS, but you get a % of their monthly bill and they never stop paying!! And if you think about it, it’s not like you’re pitching a product in the 4 figures, so they buy it right then and there, show it to all their friends who are also going to want them too, never stop paying for them, and buy more as they get more sales from them. It’s a beautiful thing. People leave them in stadiums, malls, conventions: they come with adhesive and you can remotely change the messages in real time. 1 year battery life, water resistant – leave them in the grass next to the entrances to highways and get 10,000 hits to your site!! Not kidding! So, let’s show you the coolest thing since the camera phone! Nothing on the earth is easier to sell, NOTHING!

Before we speak, please familiarize yourself with the GO by texting the word ‘LetsGO’ to 26786 and
Call if you want to get started right away: Julia +1 (410) 978-8555 (Eastern Time Zone)

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