SPECIAL REPORT: 15-Minute Tips to Boost Your Business Even Better

Did you get up this morning, excited at the scheduled meeting with the client you have been chasing for months? You woke up, put on your best tie and skipped off to work. You visualized how you would present to the prospect and she would melt in your hands at the terrific way you shared how your widget would change her business forever! Then it happened, she canceled the meeting! And left you with a gaping hole in your calendar.
Here is my solution with what do when you find yourself with 15 minutes on your hands…

If you only have 15 minutes to grow your business today, only 15 minutes to build your business, what can you possibly do?!

SPECIAL REPORT: 15-Minute Tips to Boost Your Business Even BetterI hear people tell me all the time that they don’t have any time, they’re out of time, time is too short. Most of the time people tell me they don’t have time to “call one more client” or to “start a new business venture” or they don’t have time to “grow their business.” But growing your business and making more income is the reason we start our companies in the first place! In fact, that’s usually the reason people start a career in sales or a side hustle or side gig.

People want to know how to make more money (and the subtext) in only about 15 minutes a day!

When I talk to people who want to start a new business or use a new time-saving tool it is because they believe that their time is already too precious to add one more activity to the list.

Here are 3 easy to implement activities that you can complete in only 15-minutes! And, bonus! each one creates a feeling of success and abundance.

Tip 1 Write in Your Daily Journal

  • WHY? A Daily Journal helps to keep your ideas, contacts, thoughts, and projects organized. Each day’s notes will help you to do better follow-up.
  • HOW? Use the front of the pages, not the backs (you will use the back side for notes in the future) and Date the top of each page (as you go along, do not do this in advance)
  • TIP: If you use more than one page per day, please add page 2 or so on to the top, near the date
  • ABUNDANCE: Follow up doesn’t fall thru the cracks

Tip 2 Create a List of New Contacts from Old Contacts

  • WHY? A list of names creates momentum in your prospecting. You feel bountiful and abundant about your list.
  • HOW? To begin, go into your very first emails, the oldest emails you can locate. When I started I went to my emails from 2007! It was chock full of people who, at one time, were emailing me almost daily, but now I hadn’t spoken to them in several years!
  • TIP: Start you list with elementary and high school friends
  • ABUNDANCE: consistency in making 20 new contacts daily

Tip 3 Create List of Networking Events in Your Area

  • TIP: Start with MeetUp.com, Chambers of Commerce, BNI, NRG, LeTip, Team Network, and search for even more networking groups
  • HOW: In your Daily Journal note any events in your area – do not be selective at this time – just list anything and everything
  • WHY? Carrying this list with you empowers you. When you find yourself without anything on your agenda, you have a list of events close at hand to visit.
  • ABUNDANCE: Networking to meet new potential business partners

BONUS Tip 4 Create a Geofence in Your Area

  • GO from AsirviaTIP: When you place bluetooth technology tools in a “ring” around an area (either within a building or outside) you create a “fence” of notifications throughout the area
  • HOW: Using handheld portable and stationary devices (GO from Asirvia is what I recommend) program them a message about your business. You can change the messages on each device in the area to suit your business
  • WHY? The notifications will be seen by potential clients and business partners which will brand you and keep you “top of mind.”
  • ABUNDANCE: Branding

Help! My Appointment Canceled! 3 TIPS to Prospecting Prosperity in 15-minutes

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